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Article processing charges (APCs)

Earth Surface Dynamics is committed to the open-access model of publishing. This ensures free web access to the results of research and maximum visibility for published papers. However, it requires the author or a supporting institution to pay the costs of the review process, typesetting, web publication, and long-term archiving. These article processing charges (APCs) are categorized according to the submitted material.

The APCs are based on the number of pages published in the final revised paper. The following APCs are valid for any manuscript submitted from 1 July 2016. APCs for manuscripts submitted before this date are waived.

Price per
journal page
Category 1 €50 net LaTeX submissions using the Copernicus Publications LaTeX Package
Category 2 €60 net Word submissions using the Copernicus Publications Word Template
Category 3 €105 net LaTeX submissions causing higher expenditure of work due to any LaTeX style and/or difficulties with tables/figures
Category 4 €120 net Word submissions causing higher expenditure of work due to any Word style and/or difficulties with tables/figures

A manuscript contains 10 pages with 57,000 characters, 2 figures, and 1 table. Since figures and tables are embedded in the text of final journal papers, the article will probably have 11 pages. For Category 1, this will result in 11 pages × €50 = €550 net + 19% German VAT.

What is included in the article processing charges?

  • all online tools for authors and reviewers;
  • professional processing of figures;
  • typesetting, editing, and formatting in PDFLaTeX;
  • English language copy-editing for final revised papers;
  • immediate open-access publication of each article;
  • article alert service;
  • inclusion in the Copernicus Online Library;
  • indexing in international scientific databases and reference services;
  • long-term e-archiving via Portico and CLOCKSS as well as printed archiving via copyright libraries worldwide.
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